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Registration and compulsory Attendance for Tutorials:

Attending the tutorials is compulsory (max. number of missed tutorials: 3 times). This is why only those students are admitted to the exams who have regularly attended their tutorial, for which they have registered. Therefore, please deliberate before registering for the tutorials which tutorial date you can really attend and please register for this tutorial well within the first registration phase (08.-11.10.2018). In the second registration phase (15.-25.10.2018) you can only register for tutorials in which not all places are already occupied, which means that tutorial dates favourite to most students are usually completely filled until then and can no longer be chosen.

If you have fulfilled this admission requirement in a former semester, you do not need to attend the tutorials again, but of course you are allowed to do so in order to follow up on course material.

If you only register for a tutorial ( e.g. for obtaining course material) but do not intend to really participate, please choose one of the less favourite tutorials (e.g. Tutorial Z 1-6 on fridays 2-4pm), in order to keep places of the favourite dates clear for other students.

exam evaluation from 29.03.2018 [PDF]
exam evaluation from 12.02.2018 [PDF]
exam evaluation from 30.03.2017 [PDF]
exam evaluation from 16.02.2017 [PDF]
exam evaluation from 24.03.2016 [PDF]
exam evaluation from 11.02.2016 [PDF]

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